Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free
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Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip

Custody 2023 Full Movie Download FreeCustody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip. Download Custody 2023 Full Movie Free High Speed Download. SD Movies Point.

Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip

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Movie Overview

Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip In 1998, A. Shiva is a happy-go-lucky police constable, who along with his girlfriend Revathi, a driving instructor, decide to elope and get married. However, Shiva gets involved in a road rage case and arrest Rajasekhar alias “Raazu”, a dreaded gangster who does dirty jobs for CM Dakshayani and her party. George, who is imprisoned by Shiva, tells him that he is a CBI officer who has to produce Raazu in court situated in Bangalore in 48 hours, as he has useful information regarding Dakshayani’s involvement in a orchestrated bomb blast at Morampudi in order to overthrow a state government run by a regional party.

Shiva calls Varghese and confirms the same. Dakshayani learns of Raazu’s arrest and assigns some goons and IG Nataraj to kill him. Nataraj and Dakshyini’s goons tries to kill Raazu and George, but Shiva subdues them and escapes with them. Shiva, Raazu and George head to Bangalore, where Revathi also accompanies them. Nataraj tracks them down where their car falls into a lake near a dam. Shiva, Raazu, Revathi and George sneak into the dam’s underground tunnel, where Nataraj attacks them and George is killed in a crossfire. After escaping from Nataraj, Shiva, Revathi and Raazu go to the hospital as Raazu was injured during the previous shootout, but the hospital is watched by Nataraj’s men.

Later, the trio arrive at Maj. Gen. Philips Satya Raj and Raazu gets operated. After this, the trio are escorted by officers under Varghese’s orders, but Nataraj and his goons surround them. Shiva and Raazu fights the men, where Philip also arrives and helps Shiva and others to escape. Due to sudden circumstances, Raazu escapes and arrives at a fair, but Shiva manages to find him. Nataraj arrives and tells Shiva to kill Raazu in exchange for his father’s life. However, Shiva’s father tells Shiva to leave and shoots himself to death. Shiva escapes again with Raasu and Revathi. At the railway station, the trio are attacked by Raazu’s brother Ravi, who was bribed by Dakshayani to kill him in exchange for taking Raazu’s place.

A fight ensues where Raazu kills Ravi. Shiva, Revathi and Raazu boards the train to Bangalore. Nataraj and his men follow them. A fight ensues where Raazu separates from the compartment in order to save Shiva. Nataraj kills Raazu, thus leaving Shiva devastated. The next day at the court, it is revealed that Shiva actually recorded Raazu’s confession about Dakshayani’s involvement in the bomb blast, and shows the evidence in the court. Dakshayani, Nataraj and other officers involved are arrested. After this, Shiva and Revathi plans for their marriage preparation.


Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free

Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip
Full Name: Custody 2023 Full Movie Download Free Camrip
Release Date: 12 May 2023
Length: 2h 28min
Size: 1.1 GB
Quality: Camrip
Genres: Action, Drama, Thriller
Language: Hindi
Cast: Naga Chaitanya, Krithi Shetty, Arvind Swamy
Custody (2023) on IMDb